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Certified for ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management System) to ensure food safety to the consumers/ customers.


Started supply of FRK to Fortification of Rice and its distribution under PDS for
Trichy District of Tamilnadu since 2020.


Started supply of Fortified rice kernel (FRK) under the PTMGR Nutritious Meal
Program and ICDS in five Districts in Tamilnadu since 2019.


Supplying of ready to cook mixes of dalia and ready to eat mixes to Govt of UP
under ICDS scheme since 2018.


Supplying of cereal & pulses based health mix for union territory of Puducherry
under ICDS scheme and continuing since 2017.


Entered agreement with Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur for the
Technology Transfer of RUTF.


Supplying of commodities to Tamilnadu Civil Supplies (TNCSC) since 2015.


We are fssai certified Importer. We are certified Importer -Exporter by the
Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Granted BIS Product license for Processed -Cereal based Complementary Foods
as per IS 11536:2007 and has been endorsed to till date.


Accreditation of In house Chemical Laboratory by National Accreditation Board
for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) made in the year of 2010
and the scope of parameter.


Started manufacturing of Double Fortified Salt (DFS) through Technology Transfer
from NIN, Hyderabad. The MoU with NIN has been maintained till date.


Became a registered and approved vendor for World Food Programme (WFP)
for supply of blended food items.

Granted BIS Product license for Edible Groundnut flour (Expeller Pressed)
as per IS 4684:1975 and has been endorsed to till date.


Commenced supply of Micro-nutritional Supplement powder to Tamilnadu
Medical Service Corporation Ltd till 2007.


Entered into a Project Consultancy Arrangement for monitoring the final product
specifications in our products with Defence Food Research Laboratory (DFRL),
Mysore till date.

Certified for systematic preventive approach for Hazard analysis as per HACCP
standards by TUV India Pvt Ltd .


Southern Food Products name changed in to Rasi Nutri Foods. Commenced supply
of Weaning Food for Tamil Nadu Govt. under ICDS Scheme & continuing till date.


Inception of Southern Food Products and Commenced operation as a Manufacturer
of Weaning Food.

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